Chris Van Gerpen

Chris has a passion for the outdoors and hunting.  He started with upland game and national shoot to retrieve competitions at the age of 10 and evolved into a big game hunter.   He earned his college degree in Environmental Biology and spent three years in research biology with the USGS. Over the last decade Chris has managed over 20,000 acres of hunting ground in five states. He has professionally developed properties that produce trophy animals year after year.  Chris and his client’s trophy rooms are a true testament to his passion for mature whitetails. 

Curt Headington with a deer he shot

Curt Headington

Curt has been extensively involved in the outdoor industry for the past 14 years. His passion for hunting and developing properties has now evolved into a career.  Curt earned his degree in Business Management from Clarke College. His experience with land management has a direct correlation to his professional career in agronomy sales.  His experience from consulting farmers on best practices, is applied to the management strategies utilized at XLM. Curt has managed multiple tracts of land for the past 15+ years with proven results.


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